At Movement Edge we are committed to delivering the best experience every time. This includes a friendly and knowledgeable staff, professional practitioners and state of the art environment designed to maximize your results.


Once you arrive at Movement Edge, our front desk will greet you and ask you to fill out some simple paperwork. We will ask you to tell us about your medical history, past/present injuries and other physical conditions we should be made aware of. Your practitioner will greet you and review the forms with you. They will inquire about the reason(s) you are coming in, any current physical conditions and your goals.

Plan Ahead:

It’s helpful to arrive 10-15 minutes early for your appointment. This will give you time to complete your paperwork and take a few minutes to relax and put your phone away before you start.


Your first session will begin with a detailed assessment. Movement Edge utilizes multiple high tech diagnostic systems to analyze your body so our practitioners can then create the exact program specific to you. In our High Performance Assessment, you will begin with the Optojump performance tests. We measure flight and contact times during the performance of a series of jumps with an accuracy of 1/1000 of a second. Next, our practitioners will guide you through a series of simple movements utilizing the Fusionetics system to measure your movement efficiency.
You will be given a movement efficiency score of 0-100 based on your functional movement.

In the final assessment we will measure Range of Motion at key joints to further refine your solution. The data will be analyzed by our experts and a custom program will be developed for you.

Feel free to ask questions throughout the process. Our practitioners are all trained professionals. We want you to “Know your numbers.”


You will be asked to remove your shoes as part of the assessment process. Workout clothes are ideal for the initial assessment. The assessment process takes about :30 minutes. If you plan to also receive service on the same day, plan for 60 minutes’ total.


The Movement Edge services are a highly targeted and specific. They are produce amazing results in a very short
time period.

The service sessions are broken up into three parts; Bodyworks, targeted corrective exercise and recovery. In the Bodyworks portion of your session your practitioner will utilize hands on techniques to loosen overactive muscles. These techniques include hands on inhibition, vibration, and neuromuscular stretching. Your practitioner will then wake up your under active muscles to balance out your system.

Following your Bodyworks it is important to do a few targeted Correct Exercises to strengthen your under-active muscles. You will also integrate your new found movement into functional exercise to teach your brain how to utilize the new motion gained.

Once you have completed your exercises its time for recovery. Sit back and relax in one of comfortable lounge chairs while your practitioner slips some compression gear on you while you check a few emails, play a little X-box or just chill.


You may have some soreness after your first couple sessions. This is normal as your body is being returned to a high performance state. Drink plenty of water and enjoy the increased mobility, strength and function you now have.